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Geelan attacks Long again

It appears that Ashley Geelan has been up to his old tricks again.  The same tricks that led him to a stint in Fulham prison a few weeks ago.

We at Geelan Lies understand there is an intervention order against Geelan mentioning the name “Long” in any way.

Geelan has sought and been approved the business name “Long Media”, this along with a number of other fictional businesses that Geelan claims to operate are pure works of fiction and another sign that Geelan has serious mental health issues.

It also appears Geelan has not learnt his lesson around business registrations and Kerry Ann’s address.  As noted on screenshot he is still registering business names at a housing commission address occupied by his common law wife.  We understand that Geelan has been raked over the coals and possibly bounced off the walls by Kerry Ann over the listing of this address by this site amongst others.

When will Geelan learn?  We suspect never!