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Geelan cuts off nose to spite face… again

Geelan Lies understands that Ashley Geelan is attempting to fight charges of stalking, harassment, threats to kill, breach of bail and breach of community correction order.

This information has come to light as part of legal proceedings which took place at the Heidelberg Magistrates Court on 7th Jan 2020.

Geelan appears to be trying to defend the indefensible.  In this typically moronic move it is likely that Geelan will be handed larger sentences cutting off their nose despite their face.

The legal proceedings have now been adjourned until the 10/3/2020.

Geelan Lies suggests that Geelan may be poorly advised and may be suffering from a victim complex egged on by Kerry Ann.  One can only imagine the deluded conversations going on in the housing commission house these days!

One also has to ask can Geelan refrain from posting online for another two months, we suspect not.  We also need to ask has his clear breach (registration of “Long Media”) been taken into account?

We at Geelan Lies have a strong view that Geelan needs to be incarcerated until such time that his attitude towards others improves, we will keep bringing you news on Geelan and please contact us with anything on Geelan you may have.

Lets make the internet a better place.