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Geelan before the beak….again

Tomorrow (7/1/2020) Ashley Stephen Geelan is due to appear before the Heidelberg Magistrates Court on multiple charges including multiple bail breaches, breaches of intervention order and stalking.  We at Geelan Lies also understand that Geelan will face charges related to threats to kill amongst others.

We hope that Geelan receives a fair trial and the court takes into account his past behaviour along with his multiple mental health conditions when considering an appropriate punishment.

Hopefully Geelan receives professional treatment for his personality disorders and returns to us a reformed character.

Geelan must be getting very very familiar with the Victorian justice system, on our calculations he has appeared before a Victorian court as the accused on more than 20 occasions.

Unfortunately we don’t think any of this will lead to Geelan reforming, some of us are looking forward to Geelan returning to social networking to give us more entertainment and provide us more entertaining material for our site.