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Geelan’s blog nosedives

Ashley Geelan’s Kinglake Ranges News blog has nosedived into oblivion.

Google Analytics say that traffic to Geelan’s blog plummeted by 54.03 per cent in October. This follows a similar slump in September.

According to SimilarWeb and Google Analytics, Geelan’s website total traffic was 176 visits a day, i.e. 5,470 for the entire month.

There was an 89.44 per cent bounce rate of visitors who steered away from his site within 43 seconds, leaving just 19 real visits a day.

There would be more visits if you put a moustache on a test pattern.

Kinglake people have totally rejected Geelan as a reliable source of any local news.

So much for the 24/7 Kinglake news site that Geelan promised when he first undertook his journalism studies at La Trobe University, at the taxpayers’ expense.

Earlier this year, Geelan was boasting of more than one million hits to his website in two months.

This would have meant 16,666 visits a day.

In truth, it was more like 16 visits a day, an exaggeration by a multiple of one thousand.

Geelan lies.

Wash, rinse, repeat.