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UPDATE: Geelan suspected to be a guest of the Queen – wrong

UPDATE: We have recently received information from a reliable source that Geelan is in fact not a guest of Her Majesty. It appears that Geelan is on bail with strict conditions around his online activities.

We will leave the rest of this article live for transparency. We got it wrong.

The team at Geelan Lies has reason to believe that Ashley Stephen Geelan may already be a guest of Her Majesty’s, awaiting his sentence for multiple breaches of multiple court orders.

It is believed that Geelan has been remanded due to the court’s view that he could not refrain from his abusive and threatening behaviour toward multiple Murrindindi personalities, including the newly elected Mayor.

The supporting evidence that Geelan is, in fact in jail, would include total ‘radio silence’ on all of his social media accounts and blogs.

We are all well aware that Geelan does not possess the discipline to refrain from posting his usual attention seeking drivel, even if ordered by a court to cease and desist.

We are awaiting further news, pending Geelan’s 10/12/2019 court appearance.