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Geelan is harassing you; what should you do?

If you have been the target of Ashley Geelan’s harassment, please take some comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

There are countless individuals and groups that have been harassed by the virus that is Geelan.

Geelan is mentally ill and as part of his coping mechanism, he throws darts at anything and anyone that gets in his dole bludging way.

Whether it is a fake news post on one of his numerous amateur hour blogs or if it is using one of his notorious social media accounts, many people have been in your place, wondering just what the hell has hit them.

The team at Geelan Lies has decided to put together this handy guide on the best approaches to attempt to hold Geelan to account and potentially stop his pathetic abuse.

Remember that if you feel physically threatened, please call 000 or go straight to your nearest police station.

Most police stations in Victoria have a comprehensive file on this parasite, so they will know exactly who you are talking about as soon as you utter his poisonous name.

Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Take a screenshot, including the local time and make a note of the date. Geelan has a habit of removing posts (often very quickly) so you can’t count on it being there tomorrow. Take a note of the time and date of each screenshot.
  2. Send the screenshot somewhere safe. We at Geelan Lies are happy to be a repository for any screenshots as required. Please send the details of your abuse to geelanlies@gmail.com if you wish for us to keep a copy safe for you.
  3. Report each incident to the Australian Government ReportCyber service. This is a free service that will pass on the details to the authorities. The more reports about Geelan and his behaviour, the safer our communities will be.
  4. Report the post to the service it has been posted on. Facebook and Twitter are Geelan’s favourite platforms for generating his abuse and both have ways to report his anti-social behaviour.
  5. Discuss the abuse with someone trusted. Keeping this sort of abuse to yourself is not a positive thing. Tell someone, and get some help. We at Geelan Lies can help, reach out to us on geelanlies@gmail.com confidentially if you wish. We have all been in your shoes at one point or another, so we can and we are willing to help.
  6. Don’t take Geelan too seriously. Try not to take anything he says or writes personally. At the end of the day, he’s a pathological liar and a bullshit artist.

If you follow these steps, the abuse and harassment that Geelan thrives on can be slowly stopped and removed from the internet.

In addition to these steps, there are further steps that one may take if they feel Geelan has stepped over the line.

  • Geelan is particularly well known to Victoria Police at Eltham. Contact the folks at the Eltham Police Station and discuss your options; the telephone number is (03) 9430 4500
  • Lodge a formal complaint with the MEAA. The MEAA are regularly held up by Geelan as “insurance” and have funded legal defences for Geelan in the past around stalking charges. If the MEAA receive enough formal complaints they may take action against him. Please carefully follow the details of how to make a formal compliant to the MEAA. One needs to provide examples of how Geelan has breached which specific clauses of the MEAA Journalist Code of Ethics.

Please reach out to to the team here at Geelan Lies if you are concerned at all. We are here to help.

In recent weeks, we have expanded our team, bringing the team size up to a total of 10, giving us the bandwidth to be across all of Geelan’s activities, combing through his internet history, and making time for the people that he has wronged over the years.