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Geelan runs afoul of the law again

The team at Geelan Lies has been quiet for the past few days as an unpleasant legal situation has played out for Ashley Geelan.

Geelan is no stranger to the law and this week his rants, abuse and personal attacks seemed to have caught up with him.

As published in The Local Paper on 04/11/2019:

Police questioned Kinglake Ranges News publisher Ashley Geelan at the weekend following an alleged potential threat against the personal safety of Murrindindi Shire Mayor Cr Leigh Dunscombe. 

Geelan was charged, and released on bail to appear in the Magistrates’ Court next week.

Geelan, 41, journalism student, of Reservoir (formerly of Kinglake), is alleged to have sent an internet message to a third party in which he said he had given Cr Dunscombe’s home address to “enforcers”.

“I met some of these men at around 3am this morning. I gave them your, Leigh Dunscombe’s, Ash Long’s and [redacted] home address. What they – whomever they are – do with it ain’t up to me,” said the alleged message, which was passed on to Police.

Geelan’s alleged message to the third party said: “I advise you as a friend to walk from the lot real f——- fast. That is if you’d like to have a home to return to! … I’m walking away. I don’t want to be killed by bikies. Some may.”

Geelan was said to have alleged that an associate of his had “made a phone call and called in a favour”.

Police are said to have sought to interviewed Geelan immediately after they became aware of the alleged potential threat to Cr Dunscombe and others. 

It is understood that Geelan appeared before a Magistrate in an out-of-sessions Court hearing on Sunday afternoon (Nov. 3).

Geelan was bailed to appear before Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court at 10am on Tuesday, December 10.

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Geelan is alleged to have breached the conditions of a two-year Personal Safety Intervention Order issued against him earlier this year.

Under the interim order, Geelan is prohibited from “publish [ing] on the internet, by email or other electronic communication any material
about the protected person(s)”.

A final order, sought by newspaper editor Ash Long, was granted by Magistrate Ian McGrane at Heidelberg Court on April 16. 

The latest further allegations came as Geelan late last month published extravagant claims about Kinglake Police. The geelanlies.com website says that a Magistrate issued a ‘cease and desist’ notice against Geelan late in October. His posts were subsequently removed from his website, and Facebook and Twitter.

On Wednesday last week (Oct. 30), Geelan made claims on the internet that a number of Murrindindi identities had been placed on the Sexual Offenders’ Register. He offered no evidence to back these seemingly unsubstantiated claims.

Geelan this year made allegations that Murrindindi Shire Council had been involved in im-proper conduct. Council CEO Craig Lloyd wrote to Geelan, saying that the allegations were without foundation, and advised that if Geelan had any evidence, he had a responsibility to pass that information to the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission.

The team at Geelan Lies suspect we may not see or hear from Geelan and his online abuse between now and the time sentence is handed down by the judge.

If anyone sees or hears from Geelan, please let us know.

It appears Geelan may finally get what is coming to him in the form of another offical sanction.

One can only hope that this time it is serious jail time and that he learns his lesson. We here at Geelan Lies very much doubt this will form any kind of real lesson.