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Geelan lied about work experience

Once again Ashley Geelan has been caught out on his lies.

For years, Ashley has claimed that Leader Newspapers had said he was “the best they ever had”.

New information has come to light today, thanks to Ashley and his big mouth.

In the past, Ashley has claimed this quote was attributed to Peter Xeni and more recently Bob Osborn.

Ashley has posted this image which we suggest is a forgery.

At the same time Ashley posted on Facebook suggesting this document was signed by the Editor.

The team at geelanlies.com has managed to obtain the original copy of the document.

The team at Geelan Lies can now reveal that this document is a forgery.

Firstly, one can see that the document above is signed by the “News Editor”, a role that did not exist at the organisation at the time; this is lie number one.

Note that the signature does not match the name of any of the staff employed by Preston Post-Times in the early 90s; this is lie number two.

These lies as well as claims of a “cadetship” with Leader newspapers are complete fabrications.

This is clearly the fiction of a deluded character.

On behalf of the community, we here at Geelan Lies, expect a full admission of guilt and an apology from Ashley Geelan.

We won’t hold our breath.