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Geelan’s fraud

Kinglake blogger Ashley Geelan was again caught telling ‘porkies’, according to a report in The Local Paper this year (08/02/09).

Ashley Geelan went on the internet, claiming Leader newspaperman Peter Xeni had described Geelan in 1994 as the “best work experience student we’ve ever had”.

Xeni said this is not true.

Xeni did not even work at Leader Newspapers in 1994:

“I worked at Leader until the early 1980s, when I left for greener pastures. 

“As for being his work supervisor… in 1994 I was a director of [a different company] and didn’t know that “he was the best work experience student I NEVER had,” said Xeni.

“Please don’t forward my details to him. 

“(Incidentally, he called himself ‘Ashley’ – and I don’t drink beer.),” Xeni wrote to The Local Paper. 

Long was Regional Manager at Leader Newspapers, Northcote, until September 1983. Xeni was a journalist on some of the smaller newspapers including the Brunswick Sentinel. 

Geelan told many lies.

Xeni did not work at Leader in the 1990s. Xeni did not write any report about Geelan’s work experience. Xeni did not write any assessment about Geelan. Xeni never wrote that Geelan was the “best work experience student we’ve ever had”.

In fact, no-one has ever written those words, except Ashley Geelan.

“How can anyone trust a word that Ashley Geelan writes?

Geelan confuses journalism and revenge.

The Local Paper declined Geelan’s approach for paid work; he applied for a job that we weren’t offering,” wrote The Local Paper at the time.