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Geelan accuses Greta for creating Geelan Lies

Ashley Geelan and his common law wife have been on a tear lately, accusing everyone that enters their tiny minds of creating the Geelan Lies website.

In his latest episode of alcohol and drug fuelled harassment, Geelan accuses a local resident of being behind the website and also of abusing a disabled child.

This is not the first time Ashley and Kerry-Ann have made such statements. In the Geelan-Long matter, Geelan accused Ash Long of “abuse” aimed towards his disabled step-daughter.

Kerry-Ann last week directed public abuse at former Kinglake local, Mark Beacham, where she suggested he was behind this site.

For the record, and stated before for the record, Ash Long, Mark Beacham, and the other local targeted are not behind this site.

The welfare duo will need better investigation skills than have been displayed so far to determine the members of the Geelan Lies team.

As you can see from the screen shots above, Geelan once again suggests he is still in contact with members of the criminal underworld and will use such contacts to suggest that our contributor is some form of child predator.

Pot. Kettle. Black. Geelan.

We suggest that Geelan seems just a little bit too fixated on child predators and maybe that is something every parent in Reservoir should be worried about.

What’s next? Will Ashley and Kezza start blaming Greta Thunberg for people calling Geelan out on his bullshit?