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Geelan registers business at Housing Commission address

On Tuesday (29/10/2019), Ashley Geelan registered a business name at his Housing Commission address at <Address redacted, Ed.>, Reservoir.

Centrelink, which administers Austudy and Newstart payments, takes a keen interest in businesses being run by welfare payment recipients.

The Victorian Government’s Department of Health and Housing requires that a tenant, resident or household member obtains all required council or other permits that are required to conduct the business, prior to it proceeding.

The Department requires that the appropriate level of public liability insurance is pre-arranged by the tenant, resident or household member.

Financial information about the business must be declared to the Department to ensure an accurate calculation of the rental amount.

Permission must be sought by the tenant prior to the business proceeding. Copies of the permits must be presented to the Department, before authority will be granted.

Tenants working from home must obtain public liability insurance appropriate to the business, and supply a copy of the Certificate of Currency under which both the tenant conducting the business and the Director of Housing are named as insured parties.

If you suspect someone may be committing fraud against Australia’s generous welfare state (Centrelink, Medicare or Child Support), you should report it via the Department of Human Services (DHS) web site:


Rental assistance packages can be removed if the approvals process has not been followed.

Geelan’s common law wife is angered by the publication of their address, which is in the public domain with Geelan’s business and amateur radio licences.

Geelan’s common law wife posted on social media, criticising long-time former Kinglake resident, Mark Beacham:

The content of the main message is as follows:

“Ok who the hell is this mark Beecham [sic], please tell coz [sic] whilst he may hate Ashley, but [sic] he crossed a line, he had no right to put up MY Fucking home address up on the internet telling everyone to go there if they want a beef with Ash, this is my home address, and my child with a dissabilitys [sic] house address, and My fucken [sic] familys [sic] safe place, I think I need to go to the police and take a restraining order out Friday, I don’t feel safe now, I feel my family is under threat from this vengeful asshole, please feel free to pass the message far and wide, you don’t fuck with me and my kids, not on.

It is interesting that that Geelan’s common law wife did not appear to complain when Geelan posted personal details about members of the public on his blog; this is a website that according to Geelan, a pathological liar, supposedly has millions of hits.

For the record, Mark Beacham is not affiliated with the team here at Geelan Lies.

We do, however, value and respect Mark Beacham, his opinions, and his contributions to the community.

Since we don’t expect Geelan or his common law wife to believe us, we hope that our site doesn’t cause any further Geelan inflicted grief to Mark Beacham’s life.