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Geelan called out again

Ashley Geelan has again been called out by a Kinglake local.

We have received and verified as real the following contribution from an interested local.

Ashley Geelan is telling porkies again. Kinglake’s own one-handed typist (that’s a lie, he lives at <Address Redacted, Ed.> Reservoir) is now asserting that he has Southern Hemisphere rights to a number of publication names that he published as a high school project over 25 years ago.

Ashley is playing with something other than his keyboard. He states that because these names were given an ISSN, or a Dewey Classification number, or a library sticker, or something, in the 1990s, that this gives him exclusive perpetual rights to the business names across much of the world.

Ashley lies when he says he has the backing of the MEAA union, and their lawyers Maurice Blackburn. Any good lawyer (or Year 8 high school legal studies student) would have told Ashley to quietly first lodge a trade mark application, and then register the business names with ASIC, before his recent obsessive compulsive behaviour on the net. He hasn’t done so. It’s a legal requirement. Perhaps Ashley is still saving up for the $35 to register a business name, in between his frequent trips to the Summerhill Hotel.

When anyone registers a com.au domain name, they have to complete a declaration that they hold proper ASIC business registration over the name. If Ashley Geelan registered victoriannews.com.au and made such a declaration (without owning an ASIC business name), that looks like more Geelan lies. There are penalties at law for making such false declarations.

Until Ashley Geelan raises the $35, perhaps some Kinglake ‘friend’ might register Vic News and Victorian News in their own names, then sell it to Ashley at a modest profit if he ever raises the necessary cash to do things according to the law.

In the meantime, Ashley Geelan has put up notices that he intends to charge $½ million for any use of the names he does not even own. So, that’s what he is doing with his other hand. A bit like Daffy Duck in a Looney Tines cartoon, saying “no twespassin’ ” on land he doesn’t own. More Ashley Geelan lies.

We thank the contributor for their input and welcome many more in the future.