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Geelan stole the Kinglake Ranges News business name

So it turns out our friendly Kinglake scumbag has been stealing the name “Kinglake Ranges News” from our treasured community institution The Mountain Monthly.

Ashley constantly goes on and on about people stealing his work yet, he is actually on the stealing!

Below is a report from one of our readers and a confirmed source close to the matter.

Unlike Geelan we check our sources and dont operate on fantasy and hearsay.

“The true registered owner of the business name – Kinglake Ranges News – is actually the Mountain Monthly magazine, not Ashley Geelan.

Ashley Geelan is using that business name without the permission of Mountain Monthly Co-Operative Ltd. MM registered the business name with ASIC on 26/06/2017.

According to IP Australia, Ashley Geelan applied on 25/07/2017 for the Trade Mark of ‘Kinglake Ranges News’ but that has “Lapsed: Not Accepted”. So, Ashley Geelan neither has the registered business name, nor trade mark ownership of Kinglake Ranges News. Maybe Mountain Monthly should send him an invoice for $500,000 for unauthorised use of their property.

Perhaps something more financially pressing, like that night’s slab or two, took priority over Ashley Geelan’s legal obligations. Or perhaps it is just another Ashley Geelan lie?”

We thank our contributor for their contribution and we hope to see many more people join the fight.

Below is an extract from ASIC.