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Geelan runs from scrutiny

On the evening of 22/10/2019, Ashley Geelan once again ran from the Kinglake community and from any real scrutiny.

In screenshots provided to the team at Geelan Lies by a number of upstanding citizens, Ashley is seen continuing to defame decorated local police officers as well as a number of well known local citizens.

Ashley was repeatedly questioned as to his sources and to prove his claims.

As per usual, he refused.

Ashley ran from scrutiny.

True to form, Ashley resorted to physical threats and when unsuccessful with this he resorted to his age old cry of “let’s go before a magistrate and let them decide”.

Ashley’s state of mind and level of inebriation continues to concern us and
we hope he seeks help soon from medical practitioners and his family.

Screenshots of all conversations referenced are available for purposes of legal action upon request.