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Geelan’s Cease and Desist Order

On Monday, October 21, 2019, Ashley “Scoop” Geelan decided to go on another online rampage.

This time his target was one of his usual targets, the members of the Kinglake Police Station.

Ashley has long had an issue with Victoria Police in Kinglake after being apprehended and charged on a number of occasions.

In addition to this, he has long claimed that Kinglake Football and Netball Club (KFNC) “ripped off” his work by not paying for work generated during a time that Ashley was volunteering.

This is relevant as one of the primary targets of Ashley was a very well respected senior member of the Kinglake FNC as well as a serving member of the Victoria Police.

This was made worse (in his eyes) after the 2009 fires when the FNC hired a professional journalist and overlooked Ashley primarily due to the fact that Ashley even back then was nothing but a troublemaker who wanted to be the story himself.

He also had no professional background in journalism despite his many claims to the contrary.

As a result of these many run-ins, Ashley now claims that “multiple” Kinglake women were told by Kinglake Police that if they returned to violent situations, the Kinglake Police would not come to their aide.

The team at Geelan Lies and the Kinglake community are strongly against any actions injuring or threatening any person, this includes but is not limited to domestic violence and assault on another person.

Ashley was personally involved in one of these matters and it is our understanding that Ashley made an illegal recording of an interaction between a family member and a serving police officer.

Ashley also claims that as a result the unnamed police offer was personally ordered by police command to undergo domestic violence training.

This is another lie by Ashley. All police officers were ordered to undergo additional domestic violence awareness training at this time.

As usual Ashley’s “reporting” on this matter failed to disclose his multiple conflicts of interest.

He asked us to trust him and his “reporting” as it failed to name any police members and he failed to publish any evidence on the matter.

It is the understanding of the team at Geelan Lies that sometime during the day of October 21, this matter was bought before a magistrate.

During this hearing, Ashley Stephan Geelan was issued with an order prohibiting him from publishing, commenting or being involved in this matter in any way until such time the matter was resolved by the courts.

Failure to comply would lead to a contempt of court charge against Ashley and most probably more jail time.

Ashley once again has shown that his personal vendettas are more important than the notion of journalistic integrity and he has once again lied and mislead any unsuspecting consumers of his utter rubbish.

As a footnote, Ashley claims that “3 local women” had approached him, claiming they were “victims” of an unnamed police officer.

This is known to be another total lie by Ashley.

All references to this matter have subsequently been removed from Ashley’s online blog and all social media accounts.


It seems that Ashley didn’t get the message as he keeps posting in breach of his court orders.

This screenshot was taken at 9pm tonight…