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Geelan, the man who calls himself Scoop

Kinglake’s exiled village idiot, a lifelong dole bludger, and professional victim

“I’ve been sponging [sic] off the government since I came into this world, and I will continue to do so until I am on [sic] me deathbed.” – Ashley Geelan, circa 2016.

The aim of the Geelan Lies website is to attempt to hold the individual known as Ashley Stephen Geelan to account for his disgraceful, defamatory, and false social media and blog posts, and general anti-social behaviour.

Geelan has been a renowned troublemaker in the Kinglake, Montmorency, Greensborough, Whittlesea, and Reservoir communities since his early days as a disturbed child.

Geelan’s behaviour has been brought to the attention of Victoria Police, in particular the local constabulary of the town of Kinglake, Victoria.

It is the understanding of the team here at Geelan Lies that Geelan is surviving on taxpayer funded benefits and living in ‘housing commission’ accommodation.

Geelan has spent most of his twenty plus years as a legal adult living off the blood, sweat, and tears of the Australian taxpayer.

Geelan suffers from a severe case of entitlement culture, where he is adamant that hard working taxpayers owe him his dole monies.

Austudy, Newstart, call it whatever you want, it’s a taxpayer funded handout that Ashley has felt entitled to and taken throughout his adult life.

Geelan loves to play the victim at every opportunity. In fact, Geelan is a professional victim. In his mind, nothing is ever his fault. His numerous problems are always someone else’s fault.

One may play amateur psychologist and come to the conclusion that Geelan is suffering from a persecution complex.

One would think that a man in his early forties, with such a questionable track record as Geelan, would have begun to take stock of his life, realising that one has to be accountable for all of one’s own actions.

Geelan has shown no interest in being a hard working, law abiding, tax paying member of the community.

Some of the folks here at Geelan Lies have suggested that Geelan should pursue a career in the custodial arts, where he would be an excellent fit.

However, Geelan believes he is too good for hard work and sees himself as some kind of ‘journalist’.

This is a comical, if somewhat sad claim from Geelan, the man who gave himself the moniker, Scoop.

Geelan couldn’t break the wrapper off a condom, let alone break a true and original story.

After numerous run-ins with the law, including impersonating a police officer, Geelan enrolled himself in a so-called journalism course on the taxpayer’s dime (Austudy, and lets face it, this bloke will never pay back his HELP debt) at the highly questionable, extreme leftist, higher eduction institution, La Trobe University.

The undertaking of this journalism course has only served to somewhat legitimise, in his deluded opinion, his ongoing belligerent and disgraceful behaviour.

Geelan pretends to be a journalist instead of earning a living.

Geelan does not have the skills of a real journalist; his written English (grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary) is appalling.

Geelan’s voice sounds like Kermit the Frog being tortured and he has no understanding of the basics of speaking in front of a camera, i.e. looking directly into the lens, holding the microphone higher than one’s navel, wearing professional looking attire other than an old tuxedo jacket, and not reading directly from written notes like a nervous grade 4 student.

Geelan has created online platforms, such as ‘Kinglake Ranges News’, a registered business name that has been used without permission from the Mountain Monthly; and now the much ballyhooed return of ‘Victorian News’ or ‘VicNews’ or some such generic named nonsense.

Geelan has used these simple and unprofessional blogs to make false and unfounded accusations based on long-standing personal disagreements or more significantly and accurately, perceived slights from numerous members of the community.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Kinglake Police Station
  • Victoria Police
  • Centrelink and Medicare staff
  • The Local Paper
  • Ash Long
  • Murrundindi Shire Council and its individual councillors
  • The patrons, operators, and owners of the Kinglake Pub

As of mid October 2019, it has been confirmed that Geelan has been issued with a ‘cease and desist’ order against him for continuing to comment on his baseless allegations against a matter in relation to members of the Kinglake Police Station.

Geelan has committed blatant plagiarism on his Kinglake Ranges News WordPress blog on at least more than one occasion; victims include:

  • The Local Paper
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Wikipedia defines plagiarism as follows:

Plagiarism is the “wrongful appropriation” and “stealing and publication” of another author’s “language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions” and the representation of them as one’s own original work.

Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics.

It is subject to sanctions such as penalties, suspension, expulsion from school or work, substantial fines and even incarceration.

Geelan’s deluded perception of himself

A real journalist is ethical.

A real journalist reports the facts and only the facts.

A real journalist does not create stories based on fiction and lies.

A real journalist does not distort the facts with his or her undeclared political bias.

A real journalist does not commit plagiarism, let alone commit plagiarism on a regular basis.

Just like stealing money from the till at the Kinglake Pub, a real journalist does not steal the intellectual property of another individual.

The folks here at Geelan Lies encourage any interested parties to submit information via this site and together we will fight the scourge that is known as Ashley Geelan.