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Geelan defames Kinglake businessman

Ashley Geelan conducted a malicious campaign on 27/10/2017 against a Kinglake businessman (name withheld), with allegations that superannuation contributions had not been paid to staff.

In his usual coward punch mode, Geelan withdrew his blog report and ‘Geelan Media’ social media posts, as soon as he was challenged.

“He rang me and said this is what he’s going to do and he doesn’t care who else it affects. But with a lot of f words inserted,” the businessman said at the time.

“Because of his false statements, he was contacted by what he believed was his reliable source who told him to remove the post.

“He is just a loose cannon and as he said to me he doesn’t care who he hurts with what he posts. Very careless and immature I think and to be allowed to do that is frightening.”

Geelan’s common reply to people who complain is “stiff shit”.

This is contrary to the code of ethics of his union, the Media Entertainment Arts Alliance (MEAA).

Complaints about Geelan’s behaviour have been lodged with the MEAA.

The MEAA has strict codes of behaviour on how real journalists should conduct themselves with prudence and probity.

Lies and cowardice.

Ashley Geelan is a gutless turd and Australia’s biggest coward.