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Geelan’s blog has dodgy ads

Ashley Geelan’s Kinglake Ranges News blog is publishing fake ad links for get-rich-quick bitcoin scams.

The advertisements above Geelan’s masthead are links supposedly to a news.com.au (News Corp) website, but actually go to a domain that promotes investments in cryptocurrency.

It is entirely Geelan’s choice whether to include these advertisements on his website or not.

Geelan earns pennies from Google Ads by including the links at his website.

Google Analytics says that Geelan’s website suffered a 43.58 per cent drop in readership over the past month (September through to October 2019), with a disastrous 91.03 per cent bounce rate.

The fake link supposedly goes to a news.com.au report about former NSW Premier Mike Baird.

Mike Baird has not been in that position since 23/1/2017.

Baird is said to have given given interviews saying he was making thousands of dollars by trading in cryptocurrency. Identical fake interviews have been published with James Packer.

Geelan’s website’s link calls on readers to go to the http://www.eleyal.com site, and sign up for “the lucrative money-making secret big banks don’t want you to know.”

If Geelan wants to be a reputable publisher, he should refuse to accept these fake advertisements.

Now that he has been made aware of the fraud in progress at his own website, it will be revealing to see what action Geelan does or does not take.