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Geelan ignores Woolies advice, lies about his business

Ashley Geelan received some good advice from a respected Kinglake man, Anthony McDonald (02/06/2019):

“Go collect trolleys for Woolies, you’ll never been a journalist.”

Geelan rejected the excellent advice from Mr. McDonald.

Pushing a shopping trolley, even on flat ground, would be too much like hard work for a dole bludger like Geelan.

At the same time, Geelan promised his handful of Kinglake Ranges News website readers that ‘Stage 2’ of his business would be launched on that very day.

Geelan wrote on 02/06/2019:

“Yep, we’ve invested in beastgrips [sic], drones and wired Kinglake (only in public places) for audio and video.”

The drones must have flown off into the Kinglake forests, because not a single Kinglake audio or video file was ever filed at his website.

Geelan promised a live launch of ‘Stage 2’ of his website from the Kinglake Pub car park. That never happened either. Another Geelan lie.

No Beastgrips either. We all know what Geelan is really gripping.