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Geelan hated back in 2004

Ashley Geelan found genuine hatred from fellow ham radio operators, as far back as 2004.

One fellow operator told an Internet news group:

“Unfortunately in recent times Ashley has suffered the collapse of the Geelan empire which included the closing down of his fantastic Yahoo email group and the Australian Communications Authority raiding his house and taking all of his radio gear off him, apparently for illegally transmitting on amateur frequencies without a licence or authority and possibly on Police channels as well.  

“I don’t know if St Helena Paving is suffering as a result of this, or if Ashley has had to sell the Torana as well … Keep it up Ashley. Your keeping us all entertained with your famous and stupid bloody ways.” 

St Helena Paving was a registered business name of Ashley Stephen Geelan.

Ashley Geelan replied:

“It had to more to do with a local councillor – name [redacted] – (a corrupt copper as well who I had dirt on for car theft, bashing prisoners etc) who doesn’t like me (like many of you) so may I suggest you actually do some research and get your facts straight before you open your rather large mouths.” 

Sound familiar to 2019?

Back in 2004, Geelan was talking about his unproven allegations of corrupt police, wicked councillors, and fact checking.

Fifteen years on, it’s the same hopeless story. Only the names of his accused have changed.

Andrew Kenna was monitoring Geelan’s website in 2004:

“If you check out Ashley Geelan’s web site he says its 100% legal to steal Foxtel. I think the Police, ACA, and Foxtel would say otherwise.”

Kenna continued:

“Ashley Geelan and [redacted] certainly helped 2003 go out with a big bang (they probably did a big bang – and a big bong with each other anyway). There is one thing we should thank them for and that is our comical entertainment. These guys are the greatest joke I have come across in a
long time … Keep it up Ashley and Michael, I need the laughs. You guys are fucken dickheads.”

One internet post had the familiar theme of re-written song lyrics, and the threat that a policeman’s home would by destroyed by fire. “How about a molitof (sic) cocktail, straight through the window at 2am?”

“One day, he’ll go for a drive to find he has no brakes – who cut the lines?”

Radio operator ‘Adam’ told the Aus.Radio.Scanner news group about Ashley Geelan’s on-air behaviour: “The worst part about this is that it gives us all a bad name. Not good for our hobby.”

Another operator agreed: “Too many dickheads making it look bad for everybody else.

Now if only Ashley could go play in the traffic.”