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Geelan pretended he was a radio star

Ashley Geelan was caught out telling more lies back in 2015.

His posts can still be seen in the public forum for the Reckon accounting software group.

Geelan represented that he was an important ABC on-air presenter, and made threats that he would use the ABC Twitter account to publicise unfavourable comments about the company’s response to his complaints about software failure.

Geelan wrote in 2015:

“Alternatively, and I have to offer you right of reply

“I’m employed part-time by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and do both off-air technical work for ABC Master Control Victoria, and some on-air things for 774ABC Melbourne (3LO); 3GV (ABC Goulburn-Murray/Shepparton/Albury/Coroa) and ABC Kinglake Ranges.

“I am now going to discuss the failures of your software on air as soon as I get my next on-air opportunity, which I will also put ot all of these statements via the ABC Twitter account.

“I will offer a rep of your company a right of reply. Can’t wait to hear the “answers.”

For the record, Ashley Geelan has never worked and will never work for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in any capacity, including that of the cleaning staff.