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Geelan shits the bed

It is as if Ashley Geelan fears that the authorities are about to raid the Housing Commission residence at Reservoir that he shares with his common law wife.

It is as if he is concerned that his computer drives will be seized, and the files thereon used against him in multiple potential prosecutions.

A perfect storm from the many enemies he has created through his irresponsible internet publishing has arrived.

Geelan has this month gone on a paranoid, obsessive drive of deleting hundreds of previous posts on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

He has blocked public access to his Muck Rack account, which detailed most of the stories he has filed at his Kinglake Ranges News website.

His panic started immediately after a Victorian magistrate ordered to ‘cease and desist’ his dodgy behaviour; this was precipitated by Geelan’s published accusations against the Victoria Police at Kinglake. 

Geelan has since removed posts relating to parties that he has defamed on the internet over past years, including the Kinglake Police Station, Victoria Police, Centrelink and Medicare staff, The Local Paper, Ash Long, Murrundindi Shire Council and its individual councillors including Cr Leigh Dunscombe, plus the patrons, operators, and owners of the Kinglake Pub.

A network of local Kinglake residents was established some time ago, who have quietly and systematically taken ‘screen captures’ of all of Geelan’s internet sniping.

A trail of most of Geelan’s stories is still available at the Authory website, but they too are expected to be deleted as soon as Geelan reads this post.