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Geelan lashes out in suspected drunken stupor

Despite claiming via a Facebook group post last week that our quality content didn’t bother him, Geelan’s embarrassing attempts to contact the team here at Geelan Lies have backfired stupendously on Kinglake’s exiled village idiot.

We received two messages on Saturday afternoon (26/10/2019) from Geelan, who used a poorly disguised alias as Pete Smith (Peter Smith) and a masked IP address via Tor in a vain attempt to disguise his identity.

The first message was received at 1:13pm from a Dutch IP address:

The content of the message was:

He knows it [sic] you. He messaged me to tell I [sic] so and named you. I think your [sic] both fucking wankers who should both just fuck off.

I’m not interested in either [sic] of your petty shit.

Here, Geelan is valiantly pretending to be one of his imaginary friends, attempting to warn our dedicated team from remaining vigilant and committed to our duty of exposing his lies and deceit.

The second message was received at 3:43pm from a German IP address:

This content of this message was:

Geelan has just published on social media the music video “Killing in The Name”and changed the lyrics to:

“Some of those that write Local Papers are the same that rape children.”

“Some [sic] those that write papers are the same the burn crosses” 

“Wearing your badge cause your [sic] cloaked and white.”

Scoops [sic] really gone to town on you, then blocked everyone from the post. 

“Because you’r [sic] cloaked and white”

Would you both just fuck off please, [sic] I’m sick of this crap in my news feed.

This second message included a screen shot of one of Geelan’s Facebook draft messages, complete with objectionable text:

The second line from the message and the first line from the screen shot is a disturbing thought from a disturbed man.

We have long suspected Geelan of being a pedophile and this disgusting rant only furthers our suspicions.

It’s also clear from this line that Geelan believes that Ash Long of The Local Paper is involved with the Geelan Lies website.

Geelan is way off the mark here; this is yet another example of one of his misguided personal vendettas leading him up the garden path to ruin.

Once again, Geelan attempts to smear Ash Long’s good name.

You are a disgrace, Geelan.

How does one post a music video while changing the lyrics?

Do you mean that you were unfaithful to your beloved AC/DC and performed this well-known song on Guitar Hero? Recording yourself, changing the lyrics to the crap listed in your message, thinking to yourself: “I really AM a hero.”

The rambling about “crap in my news feed” doesn’t make any sense since this is a simple WordPress blog and the posts are not being fed into Facebook. Thus, the posts on this site are not appearing in anyone’s “news feed”.

This is a lie.

As per the screen shot of the Facebook draft message, complete with the incriminating Geelan profile picture, one can see that this nonsense has been written by Geelan and it’s highly questionable whether the dingbat even posted it to Facebook.

Another lie within a lie.

One has to assume that Geelan was either drunk or high on drugs when he decided to lash out like a cut snake.

Which was it, Geelan?

Was it booze, drugs, or just your own stupidity?

Feel free to let us know.

For the record, Ash Long is not affiliated with the team here at Geelan Lies.

We do, however, value and respect Ash Long, his opinions, and his contributions to the community.

Since we don’t expect Geelan to believe us, we hope that our site doesn’t cause any further Geelan inflicted grief to Ash Long’s life.