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Geelan stooges himself again

Ashley Geelan cannot stop from making a fool of himself and from potentially getting in further trouble with the law.

We received another message on Sunday morning (27/10/2019) from Geelan at 10:22am from a Swiss IP address:

The content of the message was:

Geelan is going to name you as the publisher of Geelan Lies. He says “he doesn’t care about his AVO that you took out as this will null and void it” and he “can’t wait to present it to court to prove your harrasment and theft of over 30 years.”

He is also going to publish official advice from La Trobe advising him in 2017 to walk away from you due to your “reputuation” in the industry.”

According to scoop [sic], some La Trobe lecturers are considering defamation action. 

Scoop also tells me the MEAA are onboard with support and that everything he was told about you has just been proven true by you. 

You’re both just as a big a liar as one a fuckin other. I mean I can see that in [sic] last year Geelan just copied how you operate. 

Your both fucking wankers IMHO.

And no, Pete Smith is not my real name and you won’t be getting it. Nor will Scoop.

The reference to the Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) makes it clear that Geelan is once again making reference to Ash Long of The Local Paper.

Fact: Ash Long has nothing to do with the team here at Geelan Lies.

A violence order is only known as an AVO in the state of New South Wales. In South Australia and Victoria, it is called an Intervention Order.

The claim that “some La Trobe lecturers are considering defamation action” is an amusing lie.

We call bullshit, Geelan.

Your pathetic messages do not help your cause.

You ARE the only person who calls yourself Scoop. There is no one else on record who calls you by your self-anointed nickname.