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Geelan threw his faeces at police

Information has come to the attention of the team at Geelan Lies of a very disturbing altercation between Ashley Geelan and the local constabulary at Kinglake.

During one of his many arrests by Victoria Police in Kinglake, Geelan lost the plot and decided that he didn’t want the local coppers anywhere near him.

At this point, he used a ploy that was displayed in the 2008 film, Hunger, where Irish political prisoners refused to wash and smeared the walls of their cells with excrement.

In this altercation, Geelan proceeded to behave like a monkey at the zoo, throwing his faeces at the police.

Needless to say his attempts at playing the fool failed and the police washed Geelan down with the fire hose.

Geelan had the temerity to compare himself, a petty thief and dole bludger, with the likes of Bobby Sands and his fellow Republican prisoners. These were political prisoners that were incarcerated for years, with some like Bobby Sands who died after 66 days on hunger strike.

Who does Geelan think he is?

This type of outrageous behaviour is typical of Geelan and should be duly noted by anyone who comes into contact with him in the future.