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Geelan is a disgrace

Ashley Geelan believes that insulting a Kinglake pioneer in her eighties is part of being a local journalist.

All other reporters believe that being a local news gatherer is about community service, encouraging local projects, and fostering residents with their good works.

Geelan also declares himself as the hero of the Black Saturday fires in 2009.

On 05/01/2019, Geelan launched a blistering social media attack on Deidre Hawkins, a lady best known for her involvement in the Kinglake Historical Society.

Deidre has spent a number of decades publishing documents on the history of the district, and was an important part of the early days of the Mountain Monthly magazine.

As noted in a previous post, the Mountain Monthly is the organisation which legally hold the business registration of ‘Kinglake Ranges News’.

Geelan wrote on Facebook:

“Mrs Deidre Hawkins. I am a journalist. I helped save the Mountain Monthly offices, police station, supermarket and more. First hand, I was there. I fought the fire.

“I will be reporting on 7/219, respectfully. Just ’cause [sic] you ain’t [sic] like it isn’t a reason to ban all reporters.

“I do acknowledge your concerns and understand where they come from. It’s a debate for I to [sic], so much so it became a module at La Trobe (2nd Yr) journalism about ethics and the whole two weeks’ was based on such.

“One difference Mrs Hawkins [sic]. I lived, fought and was a part of Black Saturday. If it wasn’t for my amateur radio skills we’d have another (at least) five dead people.

“I will be there, I will be reporting. It will be done with the utmost respect and UNLIKE EVERY OTHER REPORTER WHO’LL TURN UP, I FOUGHT BLACK SATURDAY. FIRST HAND. IN TOWN (Recorded, documented and provable to court of law standards).

“Mrs Hawkins, reporters will be there, whether you (or I) like it or not. Do you want a local reporter who went through the fires themselves or an out-of-towner mainstream media (2, 7,. 9, 10, SBS, Herald-Sun, Age or The Guardian) covering such?

“How many lives and buildings did you help save Mrs Hawkins – directly – on 7/2/09. Rick Watts did more than you. I reckon [sic].”

Geelan did not show up in person in Kinglake on 07/02/2019.

Geelan’s common law wife wrote in a Facebook post at the time:

“In Melbourne to commemorate the black Saturday fires since we have been threatened if we go to kinglake, they gonna kill ash, yes we have the evidence stored, you should of burnt [sic] you cunts, hope yer [sic] all real proed [sic] off [sic] yourself [sic] ,i know who each of you are, carma [sic] gonna fuck you up bad i hope,”

Geelan and his common law wife love to play the victim and insult everyone when they don’t get their way.

Did these two jokers ever grow up?

The team here at Geelan Lies puts it to you, Geelan, that a real hero does not say anything about their good deeds.

A real hero remains silent and content with knowing that their actions speak for themselves.

You are a pathological liar.

You have boasted of your ‘amazing’ deeds for the past ten years.

You are not a real “journalist”. You are a woeful hack, who has consistently plagiarised the work of others. This is not a journalist.

You have consistently demonstrated that you have absolutely no idea how the legal system works in the state of Victoria.

As a consequence, we do not believe any of your claims regarding the events of Black Saturday.

We call bullshit to your claims, Geelan.

You are not a hero.

You are a disgrace.