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Geelan lied about goal posts

The following is from a new first-time contributor:

The following article appeared on Ashley Geelan’s blog on 28/08/2017.

It was written retrospectively and simply fabricated as filler for his website.

More lies.

The goal posts were installed on 11/03/2017.

Geelan’s article was posted some five months later in August the same year.

Ben Duhig was there for the sole purpose of drilling the holes for the posts, and Ray called past for 15 minutes before starting.

Ben and Ray performed no realignment work whatsoever and there was no laser level used.

The posts were set-out using a tape measure and plumbed up using a spirit level.

The goal posts were simply moved approximately six metres counter clockwise.

Ben however refused to charge the football club for his time and also refused reimbursement for the concrete.

A generous donation from Cretescape.

The goalposts and pads were privately funded by two local businessmen: Guy White and Charles Exton.

No other local business or community support was involved whatsoever.