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Geelan’s criminal record

Telling lies is a large part of Ashley Geelan’s criminal life.

His priors include theft; a lack of respect for other people’s property.

A magistrate found proven the allegation that Ashley Geelan lifted money (not his) from the cash register at Kinglake Pub. Ashley was caught on CCTV, pinching $50 from the till. Ashley had a bullshit story for the court, but the magistrate did not believe Ashley.

His priors include drink driving; a lack of respect for other people’s lives.

Ashley Geelan was caught pissed behind the wheel, with Ashley blowing well over the limit. After a period of licence suspension/disqualification, a magistrate ordered that Ashley must use an interlock device. You can bet that certain people ‘KALOF’ (Keep A Look Out For) that car.

His priors include breach of a court order; a lack of respect for the law.

Ashley Geelan was arrested this year by Victoria Police after a magistrate found charges proven under the Crimes Act relating to stalking a person protected by an Intervention Order. It has been suggested that history is soon to repeat itself.

Ashley Geelan was this week ordered to ‘cease and desist’ publishing items about a family intervention matter, in which he defamed a respected Kinglake police officer. By not identifying the officer by name, his allegations therefore defamed every Kinglake police officer.

After the order was issued, Ashley continued to make further posts on Facebook and Twitter. Clear breaches. Police are in possession of all the offending posts, supplied by an army of Kinglake locals, who take screen shots of Ashley’s work, 24/7. Not a keystroke is missed.

The well-resourced Police Association of Victoria is committed to protect the good reputation of its members. Will there soon be a knock on the door? What a brilliant career move to make enemies of the Police Association?

There are suggestions that Ashley also came under notice in the past for (allegedly) impersonating a police officer. Badly.

Ashley was in trouble with the Federal Police for illegally publishing details of security agency radio frequencies.

Ashley Geelan looks set to face a barrage of civil action from the big end of town relating to intellectual property matters.

How long before Police knock on the door at <Address redacted, Ed.>, Reservoir, for the next arrest? And, by the way, what’s that smell?

This website would love to see further evidence of other wrong-doing by Ashley Geelan, so it can be shared with our readers, so they may make an informed decision whether to believe a single word that Ashley Geelan utters.