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Geelan lies about drugs, grog

On 11/4/2019, Ashley Geelan posted on Twitter: “I don’t do drugs and only drink light beer (0.08% AV) or non-alcoholic beer (0.01% AV).”

Yeah, sure, Ashley.

In other posts, Ashley Geelan says he has been smoking marijuana since age 14. In other posts, Ashley Geelan often talks about drinking full-strength beer on a daily basis. In fact, that’s how he lost his driver’s licence, and was ordered by the Courts to have an Interlock device installed in his car.

Ashley Geelan is a bad liar with a bad memory. Ashley is not very good at literacy, and equally poor at numeracy for that matter.

Ashley lists light alcohol as having a 0.08 per cent alcohol by volume content. Wrong. Light beer ranges from 2.4 to 5.4 per cent. Up to 50 times stronger than Geelan’s arithmetic.

You don’t get charged with drink-driving if you stick to non-alcoholic beer. Ashley Geelan was trying to pull another ‘fast one’ over his readers. More lies.

Drugs and alcohol are a daily part of Ashley Geelan’s life. So too is telling deliberate lies.