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Geelan lies in blog… again!

Thank you to a contributor for this outstanding contribution.

Ashley Geelan just keeps on telling more lies. 

One of Ashley’s online reports was headlined ‘Kinglake Ranges bus service at risk’.

It was a work of complete fiction.

“The Kinglake Ranges risks losing its only public bus service … the bus service is now at risk of being cut by the State Government.,” said his Kinglake Ranges News report on September 29, 2017.

Geelan quoted Dyson drivers “John” and “Peter”, not their real names.

It is always a dead giveaway when Geelan invents fictional names, or says [name redacted]. That is code for a ‘Geelan bullshit alert’.

At no stage did Geelan approach the bus company for the real story. He just made it up in his “newsroom”, or more accurately in the spare bedroom at his housing commission residence on <Address redacted, Ed.> in Reservoir.

How can you call yourself a “journalist” if you don’t get out there and pound the pavement, work the phones, talk to real folks, ask pertinent questions, and back up meaningful stories with real facts and quotes from real people?

Being a journalist isn’t rocket science, Ashley, but it’s bloody hard work. Hard work is not something that you are familiar with, so it’s no wonder you prefer to make up works of fiction from the comfort of your own home.

Instead of closing the service, Dysons did the complete opposite and actually increased the Kinglake bus services within weeks.

Just more of Ashley Geelan’s pathetic lies.