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Geelan lies about money

Credit: a much appreciated, anonymous contributor

One of Ashley Geelan’s ongoing lies is that he is owed money by local publishers for his community news contributions. He is owed nothing. Not a single cent.

Ashley Geelan last published that he was owed more than $70,000. That’s a lie. Then, in a wild claim, Geelan’s figure this month jumped through the $1 million barrier. That’s a much bigger lie. That must have been a big night on the gear for Ashley Geelan when he wrote that. And it was a Full Moon too.

One of Ashley Geelan’s major targets is Ash Long, publisher of The Local Paper. Long has been working in newspapers around this area for close to 50 years. Long became Geelan’s target when he said “no thanks” to employing Geelan. Geelan said that he wanted to be paid $250 per photo, and 99 cents a word for his Kinglake Football Club reports. Every other local sports organisation provides their results, reports, without charge, in exchange for space and promotion.

Back in 2016, when The Local Paper, was launched, Geelan put in black-and-white that he wanted to be an editorial contributor to the newspaper, without charge.

n email that proves that Geelan is lying, yet again has been sourced. In this email it is very clear that Geelan was offering his work, without charge.

“Would like to write about Kinglake for yourself,” Geelan wrote to Long in an email on February 15, 2016. “Not seeking any payment, just my name as the byline if I am published.

“Congratulations too, on getting the Local Paper up and running, hope it is successful. Feel free to publish all attached.”

Geelan continued to send emails and Facebook messages, confirming that he was contributing material voluntarily and without cost. All Geelan’s emails and Facebook messages have been archived by Long.

Geelan turned nasty in 2017 when Long did not want to engage Geelan as a paid employee. Geelan sent so many emails, including threats of physical violence and menace, that Police advised Long to apply for a Personal Safety Intervention Order. Long asked Telstra to block Geelan’s calls, and blocked his emails and Facebook messages.

Ashley Geelan was arrested by Victoria Police this year for breach of that Court Order. He was held in custody, with stalking charges found proven by a Magistrate, and community service ordered. Geelan has since continued to publish harassing material about Long.

The stress upon Long has been considerable. Earlier this month Long was taken by ambulance to Austin Hospital, Heidelberg, with a stress-related condition.

Ashley Geelan’s lies and appalling behaviour have a real human cost. Geelan needs to be held accountable for his disgusting anti-social behaviour.

The Local Paper was contacted for comment on this matter and has yet to respond