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Geelan and his false invoices

This contribution comes to the team at Geelan Lies from another concerned reader.

Ashley Geelan likes to lie. Sometimes Ashley tells the same lie, over and over again.

A week or two back, Ashley posted on social media that lawyers Maurice Blackburn were sending out invoices that day on behalf of himself and his fellow school newspaper creators from the 1990s.

Ashley asserted that he and his mates were owed about a million dollars. He said in black-and-white that the invoices were being sent out, with the co-operation of his union, the Media Entertainment Arts Alliance.

He has used a similar story on previous occasions. Of course, the invoices were never sent. The union and the lawyers know that it is a serious offence to generate false invoices.

Josie and Alvaro Gonzalez were this month jailed for five and seven years respectively for sending false invoices.

The offence is compounded when false invoices are sent by mail. Consumer Affairs Victoria, and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, are keeping a special lookout for false billing, especially with the use of a ‘carriage service’.

Watch out Ashley, your every move is being monitored.