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Geelan is Victoria’s laziest “journo”

Ashley Geelan’s reputation continues as the state’s laziest “journalist”.

As at Thursday lunchtime (24/10/19), Geelan’s ‘Kinglake Ranges News’ website has not had a Murrindindi news item for eight days. So much for his loud claims that it is the number one local news website, with millions of readers.

Not a single local sports result for weeks. Nothing except cut-and-pasted press releases from Nillumbik and Murrindindi Councils, to which he often adds his own byline ‘By Ashley Geelan’. Another Geelan lie.

Not a single piece of original journalism from Ashley Geelan, but readers are used to that.

Geelan taking a load off this week.

The only remarkable item is a 3000-word article… about himself and how he published a school newspaper.

On Twitter this week, Ashley Geelan referred to Kinglake as his FORMER home town. To locals, that’s great news. Our sincere sympathies to the Reservoir community.