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Geelan threw his dead mother under the bus

Can this bloke stoop any lower? It seems so.

Parts of this post come to us from public contributions.

It is a ad to see Ashley Geelan throw his late mother’s reputation under a bus.

Geelan described his mother, Cheryl Anne Mitchell, as a “groupie” of the Fraternity and Valentines.

A “groupie” is defined as “a young woman who regularly follows a pop group or other celebrity, especially in the hope of having a sexual relationship with them”.

Ashley Geelan also has recounted an accusation that his mother was gang raped by a bunch of Victoria Police members in the past.

What astounds us here at Geelan Lies is regardless of whether these claims are true or not, why would one publicise the allegation that one’s mother was raped or the fact that one believes her to have been a “groupie”.

Dig a big hole and try to find some class, Geelan!

Cheryl Ann Geelan (née Mitchell) passed away on March 4, 2008, aged 56. RIP.