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Geelan’s coward punches

The following was submitted by a good friend of this site.

Ashley Geelan was “getting fried” in the days leading-up to Christmas 2018, and it had nothing to do with Colonel Sanders.

Ashley Geelan decided to “crank” up his attacks on the Murrindindi Shire Deputy Mayor Leigh Dunscombe. In a clear example of substance-fuelled paranoia, Geelan accused the Kinglake Councillor of infilitrating the Geelan computer by remote control in Robertson Road, Kinglake.

Was Geelan on the Christmas “cotton candy” or something similar? The pre-Christmas attacks included those on a much loved Kinglake woman, historian Deidre Hawkins (now in her eighties), and other innocent local people.

Ashley Geelan offered no proof to back up his claims. He simply accused the Deputy Mayor of criminal acts, and in the usual Geelan weak way, deleted the offending posts after a short while. Locals took screen captures, now in the hands of the legal guys.

Individual councillors and the Murrindindi Shire Council are known to be at the end of their tolerance for the unwarranted lies and attacks. Lawyers have been called in, with firm instructions to make it stop.

It is possible that Cr Leigh Dunscombe may be voted into the powerful position of Mayor at a special meeting on Wednesday 30/10/19. That will dramatically change the dynamics for Ashley Stephen Geelan.