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Geelan’s baseless allegations

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Late last year, Ashley Geelan suggested that paper bags of money had influenced a Council planning permit decision in Kinglake West. It was a lie.

“The article and headline contain allegations about Council which are entirely baseless,” said a letter sent to Kinglake Ranges News by Murrindindi Shire CEO Craig Lloyd states.

“These allegations are extremely serious and, if there is any truth to them … should be fully investigated.”

Council also requested the article be removed as it’s “inappropriate to publish falsehoods.”

“I urge you to refer the allegations and any supporting evidence to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) or the Local Government Inspectorate (LGI)” Mr Lloyd said.

“If, on the other hand, you have no evidence that there is any truth to these allegations, which appears from the article to be more likely, the headline and the article are extraordinarily misleading and their publication is highly irresponsible. 

“It is entirely inappropriate, and contrary to the public interest, to publish such blatant falsehoods with such reckless disregard or the impact that they may have on the community,” Mr Lloyd said.

Of course, Ashley Geelan never reported his ‘evidence’ to IBAC or the LGI. He couldn’t. There was no evidence. It was all another one of his lies.

No surprise there.