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Geelan’s false CV

In addition to the lies that Ashley Geelan tells on a daily basis, he commits another journalistic sin. He is the world’s most boring storyteller.

Over and over, crap about himself, crap about his Amiga computer in the 1990s, crap about his ham radio. Crap, crap, crap.

Ashley genuinely believes that people are interested in the 11 issues of a school newspaper that he photo-copied (always at someone else’s expense), 25 years ago. He reckons that people are sucked in by his exaggerated story that he saved Kinglake on Black Saturday.

B-o-r-i-n-g A-s-h-l-e-y.

Geelan’s LinkedIn profile is full of lies:

“I report & photograph (stills & video) many aspects of the Kinglake Ranges community and surrounding districts. From the local footy/netball and cricket club to the Foggy Mountain Bluegrass Festival, local activities, functions, events and more,” he claims.

Ashley Geelan has not been near a Kinglake event for yonks. He would be chased out of the place. He was recently escorted out of the Kinglake Pub, with staff telling him they could not guarantee his safety. He is hated.

Ashley Geelan lies. He hasn’t been to the Kinglake footy or netball, or the cricket for a long, long tiome. If Foggy Mountain organisers see him in 2019, he will be given a grilling over some of the malice-driven material he has published about its chief organiser.

Geelan continues his lies on LinkedIn:

“My articles are published in ‘The local Paper’, ‘The New Free Press’, ‘The Yea Chronicle’. ‘Alexandra Standard’. ‘ABC’, ‘Whittlesea Review’, ‘North Central Review’, ‘ Mountain Monthly’, ‘Amateur Radio’ among others.”

These are all lies.

‘The New Free Press’ went out of existence years ago. None of these publications have published a Geelan piece for years, if ever.

Ashley Geelan claims on LinkedIn that he has been a freelance journalist for 31 years 6 months, dating back to May 1988.

In 1988, Ashley Geelan was aged 9, when he was failing at plasticine at primary school. Seriously Ashley, a freelance journalist at age 9?

What would be interesting is if Ashley Geelan published a full list of his criminal record, and his time in custody.

Let readers decide if he is worth trusting.

Geelan has the mental disorder where he blames everyone else for his shortcomings.

Just once, it would be pleasing to see Ashley Geelan publish a list of all the wrongs that he has done, against the law, and show some contrition.

Again, the team here Geelan Lies refuses to hold our breath waiting for this plonker to start turning his life around.