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Geelan tormented family of young girl

You can never trust Ashley Geelan’s reporting. He has a talent for consistently getting things wrong.

The following is a prime example:

Ashley published an online blog entry on 14/11/2018 that a nine-year-old Mernda girl was sexually assaulted.

There never was any suggestion of a sexual assault.

A man grabbed the girl’s bicycle handle bars. He convinced the girl to walk alongside him in Skeeter Drive.

Ashley Geelan fabricated the entire notion of ‘sexual assault’. It never happened.

His false report caused great distress to the girl’s family.

There was never any retraction, let alone an apology from Ashley.

Ashley Geelan tells deliberate lies.

That is one of the reasons he will never gain or hold down a permanent paid job as a journalist at any respectable news organisation in the world.

Age 41 and he cannot even get the basic elementary stuff right.