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Geelan’s hypocrisy on racism, violence

Ashley Geelan is two-faced when it comes to racism.

On 23/10/2019, Geelan posted a cringe-worthy virtue signalling tweet:

“What is this racism thingy? Not how I was raised. Fat, skinny, black blue, white, green or purple, First Nations, Maori, Asian, Yankee. There’s only one race. The human race. We all belong to it.”

Ashley must have cut-and-pasted it from someone else because as part of his harassment campaign against a local man, Geelan (14/11/2018) taunted his victim as an “old fat cunt”. 

Geelan professes to be anti-violence, but made a threat in his email that “I will front you face to face old skool”.

More recently, Ashley Geelan described the man as “priviledged (sic) old white dude”.

The victim is actually part-Aboriginal, raised in East Reservoir, only streets away from Geelan’s current residential address of <Address redacted, Ed.>, Reservoir.

Ashley Geelan is a pathological liar.